Community Themes

Each month the community with focus on a different theme. Here is a list of those themes for the forthcoming months. 

Hopefully the list will enable you to plan how you engage and diary your time, but also with no surprises! 

If there is something you’d like the community to focus on, please feel free to mention it in the forum or email us

This month's theme is:


About the Brain

  • Parts of our brain and their functions

  • How our brain learns new things

Thought Holes

  • How our brain communicates with us

  • Negativity bias

  • Choice to change our thoughts



  • Where does negative self-talk come from?

  • How we can improve our self-talk

  • Why negative self-talk holds us back

Comfort zones

  • The benefits of stretching out comfort zone

  • Why we choose to stay in our comfort zone

  • Comfort zone challenge

Procrastination and goal setting

  • What is procrastination?

  • What is the link with perfectionism?

  • How to reduce procrastination through goal setting


of control

  • Avoiding looking for validation outside your circle of control

  • Stop comparing with others

  • Focus on the inner circle

Working environments

  • Mindset of work

  • Identifying fixed and growth mindset working environments

  • Implementing change


  • Link back to circle of control/ influence

  • Recognising and accepting other people’s opinions

  • Can we have different opinions and both be correct?

Building resillience

  • What is resilience?

  • What causes low resilience?

  • How can we develop it

Emotional intelligence

  • Understanding and recognising our emotions

  • How our emotions effect mindset in ourselves and others



  • Recognising and understanding our own wellbeing

  • Looking for improvement for wellbeing

  • Tips for wellbeing improvement

Stress management

  • Identifying stress and how we respond emotionally and physically

  • Why do we get stress?

  • Tip for stress management

  • Developing action points for stress management